Chicken swallowed half shoe string? Help me!

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  1. Smokin Silkies

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    I went down to the coop to feed them today and let them out to free range and I saw that one of my silkies had a shoe string hanging out of its mouth!!! It was not like that yesterday and I don't know where it came from. Im guessing she got ahold of it while ranging yesterday and jumped back in the coop like that? anyways what should I do? Its hanging out of her mouth about 6-8 inches or so and the rest she swallowed? Can I gently tug or will that hurt/kill her. Please help me, I don't know what to do? She's in the house now???? Thanks

    Edit: I did a search...sorry I asked before looking but I was in a hurry and wanted to ask anyhow before looking in case I didnt find an answer. I found to give her bread soaked in olive oil, withold food til it passes, give acidic foods like tomatoes and cut the string as close as I can get it? Sound about right? Thanks
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    I saw one of my girls with the cord I used to use to hang their feeder sticking out of her beak. She had swallowed everything except the metal hook and was trying to figure out how to get that into her mouth. I just took it and pulled it out gently -- it was still in her crop because she had only just swallowed it. She was like "Hey! I found that! What are you doing?" but my pulling it out did not hurt her. If you can gently pull it out I say do it.

    Not sure if it's reassuring, but I have seen them swallow very bizarre things before I could grab them and they've been fine. The list includes (1) a tape flag, (2) tiny bits of old broken glass [​IMG] , (3) random pieces of paper, (4) a small piece of plastic, and (5) a piece of that anti-skid tape that one puts on the bottoms of carpets. I always have my heart in my mouth until I know it has passed through their systems and they're OK. Given how good they are at finding such tiny things that they shouldn't have, I'm thinking I should rent them out to do forensic clue-gathering or something. [​IMG]
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    i dont think it hurts them because i eat spagitti without chewing and pull it back up [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] its fun
  5. Smokin Silkies

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    Well I tried several times over the course of an hour to pull on it. It came out about 6 more inches but then it seemed as if it was hurting her so I opened her mouth and cut it as close as I could towards her throat. She swallowed it so hopefully it will be coming out soon with no problem. I felt so bad! She is in my laundry room now with water and some bread soaked in olive oil. She hasn't touched either yet but seems active and is 'talking' alot. [​IMG] Hope all goes well with her. She's a beauty and such a sweetheart
  6. ArizonaDesertChicks

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    I think it was helpful to get 6 more inches out of her - at least that's less for her to try to pass. I hope everything works out okay.
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    My little Poe did something very similar. I had a string holding up a small feeder and some how she was able to get to it and swallow most of it. I did the same thing you did. My Dh and I pulled on the string (gentley) until we felt resistance and then cut the string as close to her as we could. I kept her the house for several days on yougart, olive oil and bread. Poe eventually regurgetated (sp) the rest of the string up. Her voice was a little funny for a while (I even threated to change her name to Lauren Bacall) She still with us today and is the friendliest little chicken. Good Luck and please keep us updated on you little one.
  8. artsyrobin

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    I had a young roo do that, and i also cut it as close as i could and gave him bread soaked in milk, never saw it come out, but he seemed fine, so i can only assume he digested it...
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