Chicken swallowed string HELP

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  1. My hen swallowed a String from my chicken food bag.... She swallowed to rest while I was typing. What should I do?
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    Personally I would just watch her and make sure she doesn't begin to act strange. Watch her droppings to if you can. It would also depend on how big the string was as well. If you feel the need then you could always talk to a vet. Hope this helps you!
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    Hey there zookeepersgirl

    I have not experienced this personally but out of interest I Googled ‘chicken swallowed string’ Wow, it appears to happen more often than you would think.

    Most of the ones I looked at were along the same lines as what WAChickens has suggested, watch her and if she goes downhill, may be contact a Vet.

    My only other suggestion would be to may be get some oil into her in the hopes that it helps move the string through her digestive system.

    When I have had chickens with impacted crop I have given them sardines in oil .. not only do they love the sardines but the oil helps to move things along a bit.

    Good luck with her, I do hope that she is OK.
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    x3 on what everyone else said.I would offer her Grit to grind up the string.Massage the crop often.
  5. Teila

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    Hey zookeepersgirl, just wondering how your hen is doing?
  6. She has been doing fine!
    I did not see any string in her poop...
    I am glad that nothing bad happened to her. She was my sisters hen. My sister named two silver leghorn hens Precious and Treasure. I think it was Treasure that ate the string.
    BTW thanks for helping!

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