Chicken Swap April 4th Merrimack NH

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11 Years
Jun 29, 2008
New Hampshire
I am setting up a Swap for April with the Merrimack NH store for people closer to that area.
The Physical address is 515 Danial Webster Highway Merrimack NH.

bring your sells,crafts, fun stuff etc.
anything and everything chicken related.
everything is allowed and as alwways free set ups.
Met with Rose from the Merrimack Store today. everything is all set for the 4th of April

There are going to be a lot of Horse People available, There will be someone from the Theraputic riding school, a Tech foraccupuncture and accu pressure fro horses, I am hoping she gets in a few more Org to help kick off their First swap.
Of course there will be chickens chicken chickens and maybe a few chickens too. lol' all fowl and animals are invited.
There will also be a couple of goat farms attending. looks like this could be a big one.

It could also prove to be bigger than Milfords
we have a huge parking lot to set up in tons of room for everyone.
bring what you like if anyone has Pop up tents that might not be a bad idea to bring them, mine goes everywhere with me., whether I need it or not.

see you there.
Ok found this one finally buried on page 4 but lets keep this swap in mind when planning out the others.

from what I understand the Tilton Nh swap is the same day.
I cant do Tilton and wont walk away from one I set up.
If people are going to set up swaps indipendantly please please confir with either Chikn or Me first so we dont have conflicting dates again.
thanks for your cooperation.
Hey Gypsy,

So, how does one set up a chicken swap anyways? I am completely jealous that you guys have all these swaps in NH and I have none. Can I drive to NH and stay with you? ;p
Of course you can , You and Rhett are most welcome to visit anytime!
You can get one of these together its really easy, I will pm you in a bit with details. easy peasy lemon squeezy.
Hmmm, I may just take you up on that! You don't even need to clean for me! I'd say you could come and stay with me too, but that would require a months worth of cleaning and a dumpster, and lets face it, that is not happening!
ok, since this comes after Chichester and before the April 26th Milfrod CS

I am going to bump it up some.

I keep doing that also , and it keeps getting buried lol.
I went to look for it for you and come back to page 1 and find it, for a minute there I thought I had lorst me little mind.
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