Chicken terms... in daily life


5 Years
Jul 25, 2018
Southern California
This is what happens to you when you get overly interested in chickens. Just last week I was thinking to myself "Hmmm, the trees have finally begun molting... I mean, losing their leaves!". My sister came in all dirty and I asked her if she had been dustbathing. My dad didn't want me to take a sip from his coffee cup from the same side, and I told him "it's not like you have Mareks!". Have any of you started using chicken terms like these in daily life?
:lau Hah! The dust bathing one kills me. The only instance that pops into mind is when someone in our family complains about an itch we ask if they have mites and need to be sprayed:sick
Yes! The other day I said I was sick of sweeping bc the dog was molting so much... I totally mean shedding.... 🤣🤣
:p Yes, molting is my favorite. I apply it to fur, leaves, anything that naturally falls off or sheds eventually! (and grows back of course too).

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