chicken that is 2 young 2 lay has egg stuck , how did this occur and what to do ??


Mar 21, 2017
One of my healthy chickens located elsewhere is about (?) +- 7 months old , she 's a lavender split Marans and her ' sister ' from same age has already started to lay her very first eggs . Kinda funny to see as they are so young and do not know yet what is happening once they have that egg coming or when they try to ' strike a pose ' to get out their eggs with that sound of pushing :) (poor girls actually ) , now the other one started to act like her sister , the Maransgirl , she started to strike all sorts of ' poses ' about two days ago , she has been standing on the roostbar on the nestingbox , she has been digging and waggling herself into the bedding of the box but she is also definitely pushing and she does it with ' I am serious , I am pushing this out " , she does not leave the nestingarea and she does not eat , drink etc but she is already busy pushing for two days , now that first hours I left her be in all quitness but then I started to worry as this would be the very first egg , so I took her inside for examination , so yes she has an egg , she keeps pushing (straining as well ) +yesterday she did do something that is to me very 'unacceptable' and is usually a reason to cull her BUT I have given her a ' second chance ' due the fact she does not leave the nestingarea and the animals are still new and young so they are not totally used to their location , the waterer stands about half a meter from the box , along with a feeding dish , due she is having issues laying I ' forgive ' her that once and noticed she did not ate any other eggs , she probably did it out of thirst yet being agitated that her egg is stuck . Now I did today a second examination , the people living there were so kind to let me use their garage I rent to them and did the commong ' three finger test ' on her because I have watched her and the people there told me the following : the poor thing is trying to push something out , I dont know anything about chickens but maybe she has a very hard poop that is stuck because when she sits there we wiped of already 6 times that bar because it was full of poop , really full and flat as if she cant poop '' ... So i notice she is pushing , do the finger test and I measure on the bones , only TWO fingers of width ! You do not need to be a vet to know that there is no possible way that egg can pass trough right ??
So , is there anything I can do to get that egg out ?? and most of all how can it happen that she has an egg riped of that has to get out while she is not entirely developed yet for laying ?? did anyone else experience this and help the chicken out ?? she doesn't get any laying mash or grit anylonger either because I try to limit the possibility of eggs ripening off ...
I have only 1 thing in mind I know is effective but high risk and is coming from the vet : smashing the egg inside of her and it will come out if done good , if not she will have parts of shell inside of her cloaca and gets infection / risk of never being able to lay again so is there another way ??
Hoping and keeping fingers crossed I'm wishing you all a good day / night

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It sounds like she is stressed. Try placing her in a calm, quiet, semi-dark area.

If she is not drinking, she is most likely dehydrated which can make passing the egg more difficult. Try to get her hydrated. Offer her some extra calcium and give her some vitamins if you have them.

Here is a very good article that may help you - hope all goes well.

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With holding layer feed WILL not "prevent an egg from "ripening". At 6 months of age, your pullet is certainly mature enough to be laying. Many of my birds start laying at 16 weeks. What have you had her on for a diet? If she is calcium deficient, that can certainly make it hard to pass an egg. Also, if she is obese from too much scratch/corn intake, that can make it hard for her to pass an egg.

What makes you think she has been trying to push an egg out for 2 days? If you are seeing rhythmic vent contractions, all chickens do that, even when NOT trying to lay an egg. Are you saying that you did an internal exam of her, and felt an egg? Are you sure you felt an egg, and did not feel her pelvic bones through the cloaca?

I would give her her normal layer ration, see to it that she has plenty of water, and perhaps crush up a TUMS, and give her some of that. Otherwise, leave her alone. If it becomes apparent that she is truly egg bound or ill, you can cull her or take her to the vet, your choice.

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