Chicken that is limping...I think???


9 Years
Oct 5, 2010
I have a chicken (I think she's a Buff Orpington hen) that is probably 3 or 4 years old. Out of no where (probably starting 2 weeks ago) she started limping.....this isn't your typical limp though. When it started, she was walking normal but every few steps she would bring her right foot up and shake it like it was tired (the way you shake your hand when your hand gets tired of writing). At the time we had let them walk around our back yard for 4-5 days and thought maybe her feet were tired. We put the chickens back in their coop for a full week but now she is "limping" on both feet. She'll take a step and shake her left foot then take another step and shake her right foot....etc (shakes her right foot way more though). We've been searching the internet and came across bumble foot (I think that was it). This said that a tiny black dot would show up in the effected area. Last night we cleaned her feet and took twisers to any dirt that appears to be stuck (there wasn't much). Since her feet seemed pratically clean, it didn't take long to see that nothing appeared wrong with her foot. Somebody else mentioned that maybe she needed her nails clipped. We looked at those too but compared to our other chickens, they seemed normal. We did notice that sometimes when she walks, her feet turn inward, but I wasn't sure if this was considered normal since sometimes it looked like the other chickens did it too?? Since I live in the county but on the city limits, there are no vets in my area that help with chickens. I thought I'd post this and then maybe call a feed store to see if they can help. Does anybody know what's going on with my chicken and how to help her? Again she's not really limping, just shaking her feet as she walks like she is really tired. **side note......we think that she's a "fat" chicken, but I think her breed is normally really big?? We didnt know though if maybe her weight did something to her foot? Thanks in advance!!!
Hope you find lots of great info on here.

Would you be able to get a pic or her/her feet ? That would help us help you better.

Do you notice if her "scales" are sticking up on her legs ?

Did you check the bottom of her feet for anything ?
I will see if I can get a picture of her and her feet tonight after work! When we cleaned her feet yesterday (just used a wet paper towel) nothing seemed to be on her feet at all. I don't fully know what you mean by her scales sticking up on her legs, but I'll look at her more closely tonight. Thanks!!
The scales being raised means that her legs are rough/bumpy looking instead of smooth like a chicken's legs would be normally.

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