Chicken tosses hay/straw onto her back


11 Years
Aug 23, 2010
New Britain, CT
It is my broody Barred Cochin doing this. I don't think it's anything I should worry about, but it is definitely a curiosity.
She was actually out of the nest box for a while today, but when she --and a couple of others-- were just in the coop this afternoon (probably because I was there, with the big double doors open) I noticed that she picked up some of the bedding as though she was looking for something to eat, but then tossed it over her shoulder (do they have shoulders?) onto her back.
It sort of looked as if she was trying to bury herself, but she didn't toss a large amount. When she was outside, under the coop, a little while later (after the Austrolorp made her leave; they don't seem to get along these days), she started doing it again. I ended up being distracted by something else, so didn't follow her for much longer.
my hens do this when they are in the nest box when they are trying to lay an egg, but i have never seen them do it outside the nest boxes. Was she trying to lay an egg?
My hens will do this hen they are laying an egg, and also just whenever they are out in the yard and are resting. I guess they're just trying to make their area more comfy, lol.

I also have a Salmon Faverolle rooster that will go into a corner and cluck as he puts straw on his back. He's showing the hens what a good nest he has found/built. But today he was doing it and no hens were around at all.
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