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Mar 10, 2010
Red Bluff
Hello ~

I just finished my "Chicken Country Loft". I used the plans from” The Garden Ark” and modified them to suit my needs. I extended the whole thing by a couple feet. I also made it a two story unit. Top half is nest area (3' x 3' x 2" tall) and 5' of roost area. The lower level is enclosed on all sides (including bottom with 1/2" hardware cloth. The footprint is 3' wide x 7' long. This gives me 42 sqft. top and bottom combined. They will also have an attached run 10'x 20'.
How many chickens would you put in here? (1) Will be a rooster

Just want some opinions ~ Thank-you
"This thread is useless without pics"!!!
By the way I intend on keeping large fowl in the coop. They would probably be confined on really bad weather days, at night, or if I was out of town for the week end. Run will be attached for daytime activities 10' x 20'. Let me know what you think. Pic does not show the last door to finish project. It is solid on top with a door on the bottom wire section for access to the run.

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