Chicken Tractor, deep questions


May 9, 2022
Central Indiana
I have heard people saying that they want to build a chicken tractor to cut down on feed costs...
But I have also heard people discuss how impossible it is to grow enough food to feed your chicken due to specific nutrients being missing, etc.
So, I would love to hear some of the pros and cons on a chicken tractor when it comes to the feed.
Does it really have any impact? Could they get full on greens and bugs, then not eat what they need?
Would love to hear some thoughts.
I have not used a chicken tractor yet because I have not come up with a practical way to make it predator-secure and large enough for adult layers with all their needs.

IMO, except for the specific situation of tractoring meat birds inside a secure electric fence, tractors are one of those ideas that *sound* good, but fail in practice. :)

Note: "Tractor" not to be confused with a mobile layer coop built on a trailer so that it can be moved from fenced paddock to fenced paddock.
Eh... maybe it cuts down a little on feed...

But the big benefit of a tractor for me is it is overflow space.

So, it works for:
1. Segregated breeding
2. Broody
3. Growing out chicks

And for growing out chicks, since I can keep moving the tractor to fresh grass, I can pack them in TIGHT, without issues.

When it is time to move them out of the tractor, I sell or eat the ones that I don't want to add to my permanent flock.

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