Chicken tractor floor that allows for scratching?


Mar 23, 2018
Chicken newbie here! I am planning to build a semi-stealth chicken tractor in MO for 3 girls. I live in the suburbs but have seen hawks, raccoons, skunks, opossums, and fox in the immediate vicinity. I need my tractor to be easily moveable by two adults and it will be my girls primary home. They will be out a few hours a day when I can watch them. I want to put a floor on the tractor to discourage predators (and because it seems much easier than the wire skirt idea) but I want my chicks to be able to scratch around the lawn and munch on grass and bugs. Has anyone successfully done this? What size wire fencing/hardware cloth did you use? I am looking at a 3"x 2" opening for the floor only (please note, I will be using 1/4" opening galvanized wire for the sides.....) Do any of you think that will work (and keep out the coons/foxes?) If not, any other suggestions? Thanks in advance!


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If you want them to be able to scratch in the dirt, I wouldn't use any wire. That would be asking for bumlefoot issues.
Can you make a building in the tractor you can lock at night so you don't have to worry about night predators?


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I can see why you'd like to do this. Yet with the nature of a tractor design any minor irregularities in the ground will leave gaps that smaller predators will take full advantage of.

Having wire skirts that lay right on the ground is just going to be safest. You can hinge them I believe. @aart I think did that as well as @squadleader.

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