Chicken Truble!!!!


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May 29, 2010
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Hi i need help really bad! Im new to chickens i bought a pair of buff bramas show quailty. The hen is makeing wiered sounnds its snoring and wont walk will just crowch down and stay there. shes not hungrey and wont drink.. I dont live near any farms or tractor stores. Is there sanything i can make at home for her or can u tell me whats wrong with her?


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May 29, 2010
Dearborn heights MI
i just got her. i put her in a coop and the beeding is cut grass the rooster keeped mateing her then when i went to check she was laying on the coop floor i have her seperated now shes siting but wont walk eat or drink. still make sounds like there somthing lik buggers stuck in her nose.


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In the meantime, I'd isolate her in a hurry. One roo, one hen? Usually very bad for the hen, the usual ratio is 10 to 1. I would also get them both off the cut grass asap.


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Jun 24, 2008
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Hmm, that's hard. Chickens are vulnerable and being left out in the rain and then brought to a new coop (stressful) with an active/aggressive rooster is a lot. Possibly she even swallowed some grass cuttings to create a blockage. Sometimes there is not much you can do to save them. You can give her more time and try putting a little apple cider vinegar and/or electrolytes if you have them in her water in case she is drinking. Could try gently massaging her crop and see what you feel. Remember she is probably already overwhelmed with a new space and having to deal with that on top of everything. Maybe someone else has better thoughts for blockages in case that's the problem.

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