Chicken Ups and Downs


14 Years
May 3, 2007
North Central MS
My mom coined that term. At the time I laughed at her, but now I agree. She was here visiting and some chicks hatched in the bator, the next day a few died, and then some more hatched. She said chicks were like a roller coaster, they made you happy one minute, sad the next.

Two days ago I lost 5 to coccidiosis, but today I have chicks pipping in the bator. Then tragedy this morning. 40+ chickens and 100+ pheasants fried in a new cabinet incubator. I was down about that. I went out to do chicken chores, and when I checked on my two broody buff orps, I saw a baby peeking out at me. This is my first chick hatched by hen.

Ups and downs. Life of a chicken owner, I guess.


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