Chicken Vent Pecking

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    Hi there, I'm back again.

    So two days ago I went out to check on my chickens and I found blood on her butt feathers only to find that her vent was pecked. I promptly segregated her and cleaned up her vent. However she is having a hard time pooping, my guess being because of the scab that is on her vent. Is there a way I can help her out?

    Other information

    - Removed the smaller nest boxes so that way the chickens are able to turn around in all nesters (I think she may have been pecked in a nester since after segregation no more pecking has occurred, and the pasture is in it's latest stages of use)
    - Run is 12x12 for 12 birds, gets moved to new pasture once per week (I've been using it for months with much success).
    - No more pecking has occurred since she was segregated.
    - I've mixed some starter and layer feed for the injured bird's food, she eats and drinks normally.

    I'll send pictures soon.

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