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Hi everyone

OK this is my very first foray into chicken-keeping. I´ve just moved into a house on the Costa Blanca in Spain. It´s an old finca that we´re tearing apart as I write. I just love the idea of keeping a few hens to provide me with eggs. However, I will, no doubt soon be the matron of a home for geriatric chickens as it is not and will never be my intention to euthenaise the non-layers.

I´ve been looking for a plan for a suitable hen house for 3 chicks. I found one and the builder had kindly posted pictures of the plans. The poster was Kdykeman. My question is how do I download these plans as I´d love to replicate this beautiful house.

I´m told that hens in Spain are called Gallinas. At this moment in time, I have absolutely no idea where to buy my chicks, nor which ones will be the best layers, so if anyone has any advice, I´m all ears.

from California! Try posting here: to find other people near you :) Good luck.
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

Oh you are so lucky! I keep Euskal Oiloa, aka marraduna basque chickens. They are friendly and great layers so far. There are several really nice Basque breeds of chickens, and probably many others that we don't have here in the States. Have fun with your chicken keeping.
Barred rocks are very good birds from what I have seen
over the past years of chicken keeping, they are easy to
care for and they are have some good laying skills, plus
they are very common so finding them probably won't be a


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