Chicken walking backwards but with head all the way back looking up

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    Jul 30, 2012
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    Help! I have no idea what this is. My 18 month Millie de fluer just finished molting and has since started walking backwards with her head way back against her back while staring up. I know most people have problems with their chickens walking backwards but with their heads down so I can't find any info on this. Does anyone know why she might be doing this?
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    It could be this.


    In birds, vitamin B, (thiamine) deficiency is clinically and morphologically manifested with paralysis of limbs and muscle atrophy, beginning from the flexors of toes and ascending towards the extensors of legs, wings and the neck. The chickens acquire a specific posture with flexed legs and the head drawn back (stargazing). As hypovitaminosis B, causes a severe anorexia, thiamine supplementation to the drinking water is advised until the recovery of acute deficiency and thereafter, the vitamin could be added to the forage.

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