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    I have a white aracuna chicken about 3 months that walks funny. She stands sort of like a penguin: head very high, tail nearly on ground. When I pick her up there does not appear to be any problems with her legs, they move just fine. As I move them she does not appear to be hurting.

    Looks almost like a pup scooting on their butt when they have worms. This just recently started. Vent looks normal.

    Can anyone tell me what the problem is and is there anything I can do for her?
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    hmmm... I really don't know, maybe constipated? Is she pooping normally? Acting normal otherwise? Does she always stand like this, or only when she walks? I wish I could help, but give as much information as possible (pictures would help too), and hopefully someone will come along that knows what might be wrong. Good luck!

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