Chicken wants to lay in my house everyday! HELP!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by BJ677, Mar 26, 2017.

  1. BJ677

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    Mar 11, 2017
    So I have 6 chickens they all lay in the house we built them, except for one. We often let them in the house so the kids can cuddle with them. So this one hen laid inside somewhere and now that's the only place she wants to lay! She comes up to my backyard door every morning screaming until someone opens the door, then she bolts inside so fast and tries to find a place to lay. I've tried to make new places in the backyard for her to lay and she just walks in it then walks out and follows me when I try to go inside. Today I woke up late Afternoon and she actually was jumping and hitting my window to get my attention. Then I opened the door and she ran so fast inside and this time she's just running all over the place into every bed looking so desperate to lay. I am tired of this, I don't know how to make her lay in the hen house because she always walks out or there's a hen laying in there hogging the house for hours. Also today she's been making like a weird noise almost like hissing I don't know how to explain but I need help!
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    From the way you are describing it, it sounds like you only have one nest box for 6 chickens? If that is the case, you should consider adding more nesting boxes so t hat there is always one available when she needs to lay.

    Also, I would assume that she can only "hold it" for so long. If she's not let into the house then eventually she will be forced to find another place to lay.

    Out of curiosity, what areas of your house does she choose? What breed is she?
  3. BJ677

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    Mar 11, 2017
    I have enough laying spots for them in the hen house and a few outside
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    It may be time for a bit of tough love. Don't let her into the house, regardless of what commotion she makes. after a few days she will have to find another place to lay and will become accustomed to her new nest.
  5. Hello...Simply leave all the Birds confined to the Coop and the run for about 5 days..;).....She will adapt to laying in the Coop....;)

    Silly Bird....:)

  6. Weehopper

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    Feb 26, 2015
    Lock her in the hen house for a week or so. Until she gets in the habit of laying her egg in there.

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