chicken watering cups


9 Years
Jun 8, 2010
i saw a cool waterer with a 5gal bucket with pvc pipe out the bottom with a little watering cup on it but cant find any places that sell these watering cups i was going to make like 2 of them
Are you talking about something like this attached to the side of a bucket?

I have a few thousand of them for sale. Have been so busy trying to help people with nipple drinkers that I have just not gotten around to offering these.


And you should see the cool mister that I have to combat heat stress! Got to work on that too!
is there anything like this that hooks up to a garden hose? I've seen water systems that connect to hose but they seem to be more of a pain then a blessing.
Sure they can be hooked to a garden hose in some way but the maximum pressure for this waterer is 15PSI. This is less than half the pressure of most home water systems.
I have a pair of similar cups that leak badly--quit using them, although I think if I could get a new connection for the bucket it might work. Overall, I like the little giant automatic waterers. They use regular pressure, not low, so can be hooked directly to a hose or pvc pipe.
My well system peaks at 60 psi . so looks like the cups are out of the question. Looks like off to the hardware store i go or more internet research.

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