Chicken Wire for Ramp? Input?


11 Years
May 31, 2008
We need to construct a fairly long ramp to our coop and we are considering using chicken wire that is framed in. Can chickens walk on chicken wire? Any input on this would be greatly appreciated!
I don't think it would feel very nice on their feet. Since it needs to be long, can you use some thin boards cut in narrow strips, then nailed together. If the boards are thin enough (1/8" plywood), where you attach them may make some natural foot/claw holds.
Why not just use a plank of wood with a few cleats glued across it? Much simpler.

Chickenwire will be bouncy/saggy under their weight, plus it is an awkward size mesh for them to have to walk on on a regular basis.

I wouldn't do it,

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