Chicken wire, sufficient?


Feb 6, 2008
Southeast MI
If I build my coop inside my garage, will an outdoor run built with 1" hex poultry wire be sufficient to keep them safe? They will be in the garage at night. I will bury the wire at least 6", probably a foot. What do you think?
Chicken wire keeps chickens in and not much of anything else out. You would be better off using a welded wire and covering the bottom 3 ft with hardware cloth.
Anyone know a good place to get hardware cloth cheap? I found on amazon that I can get a 48"x50' roll with 1/2"x1/2" holes for $57.81 plus shipping.
We get our harware cloth at Lowes in the garden department. It's about $47.00 for a roll of I think 150 feet.

No shipping cost, but it's bloody heavy. The 4 foot high roll fit in the trunk of my Chevy Cobalt with one seat down.

Go to Home Depot,

I use chicken wire and never had a problem

P.S. I live up against a Wild Life Refuge and there are lots to deal with, I do have a chain link fence and a (small) dog
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You have been real lucky! Racoons can easily tear through chickens wire. Possums can chew through it! Chicken wire is not made like it used to be 40 yr ago.
I use some of both.

You got 150' of wire for $47 at Lowe's!!!!! We paid like $1 a foot at our feed store for the same stuff. It is so heavy though! I have a hard time dragging around 22' of it.

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