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    Ok, I know chicken wire basically just keeps chickens in, and animals can get through it, but I'm wondering what the chances are of that happening? I'm building a new tractor, because my old one (I used hardware cloth on it,) is just too heavy and too small. The new one is 10x10, and will house 50 Cornish X's in a few weeks. Last year, my tractor was a tank- harware cloth covered, and even anchored boards around the bottom to prevent dig-unders. All of that, and I never saw a single sign of a predator attempt. With the new one, I'm weighing the cost of almost 200 sq. ft. of hardware cloth, and I'm tempted just to use chicken wire. Most of the deaths I've seen on this site were to free rangers, barns, from above etc, not really tears through chicken wire. What are my chances??
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    It depends on your area. You may have had no problems BECAUSE you had a "tank". If you don't have large predators, chicken wire would probably work for daytime. I'd still want them in a tight place at night. I've read posts that said a raccoon pulled chickens through the wire in pieces.
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    We used chicken wire for ours, and turned it into "bachelor quarters" for the roo we had. So he lived in it and his yard...for us it was predator proof.
    It was a tank too - more is better my husband believes......
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    I used chicken wire on my old coop. A lab pushed through it and killed a couple of my chickens. I now use hareware cloth on the bottom 3 feet of everything. So far so good.

    Goodluck to you

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