Chicken with a faded/pale comb.


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May 30, 2022
A week or so ago I posted here asking for help because my chickens were sick and some of them were having diarrhea. I followed the advice of everyone and treated them all for coccidiosis. I continued electrolytes and have kept a close eye on them. I also started safeguard dewormer after I finished the Corid, just to cover my bases. Today I noticed one of my production reds has a very pale comb. She has never looked like this before. She's acting normal otherwise, eating and drinking. I checked her for mites but honestly don't know what I'm looking for. She doesn't have any missing feathers. I moved her into quarantine and gave her a bit of poultry cell in her water. What could be going on?

I've attached photos of her comb and also a comparison with one of her sisters. Her comb is usually bright red like the rest of them.


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If there are red mite / bird mite in the coop, you can easily spot them with a torch (or mobile light) in the night.
These mites flee from the chicken in bright light.
During the day they hide in cracks in the coop, where they lay there eggs.
These bloodsuckers can make you’re chickens weak and sick. Act quickly!



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While a persistent pale comb can be indicative of health issues, the comb color can be quite variable, sometimes pale on minute and very bright red a few minutes or hours later.

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