Chicken with a head sway or tic

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    A couple days ago we noticed that one of our chickens wasn't going into roost with the other chickens but rather was trying to hide in a corner. It was getting below freezing at this time so we noted it as odd and put her up on the roost BC nothing else seemed off with her. We added garlic and Apple cider vinegar to their water the next day just in case. Same thing the next night but during the day she had seemed normal and she was hanging with the flock. Next day she never leaves the coop and we go in to check on her and she has developed a head sway. It's almost like her head is weighted or like a odds joy stick and whenever she turns her head left it slowly returns right a little. We pulled her inside, make sure she's warm, start giving her protein, electrolytes, and make sure she is getting food. Because of the head sway it is difficult for her to drink water or eat on her own. Today her tail is now slightly loop sided sometimes and it almost seems like she is occasionally blind. Although other times she can pick the funniest of crumbs from the ground. Poop is normal, still wants to walk around although sometimes not as straight as either of us would like, still eats solid food if she can find it, and would much prefer to roost than lay down. No mites or tricks I could find. If anybody has any ideas as to what it is or any steps to be taken I would very much appreciate any help. She's really trying to be normal but can't keep her head still. Thank you

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    Welcome to BYC. She may be suffering from wry neck symptoms. Wry neck is a symptom of things like head injuries, vitamin E and selenium deficiency, and from certain diseases that can affect the brain, such as Mareks and others. Was she vaccinated for Mareks disease? How old is she? Start her on poultry vitamins such as Poultry Cell or Poultry Nutridrench 3 ml orally each day. You may have to add some water to her food, and wrap her in a towel and try to feed her out a bowl several times daily. Keep her in a small pen near food and water. Here is some information to read:

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