Chicken with a limp, what do I do?

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May 16, 2013
My four year old buff orphington has been walking with a limp in her left leg lately. I checked her for bumblefoot or anything stuck in her foot, but found nothing. Nothing is broken or swollen, but she is clearly pained by it. She also has a hard time standing. I've brought her inside for the night, so she won't be tempted to jump up and roost. She shows no other sign of illness, so what should i do? I have no idea how to treat a limping chicken.
When my speckled sussex hen was limping when my roosts were higher, I made sure that she was getting to food and water, and could roost. If she hadn't, I would have placed her in a cage inside the coop with the others with food water, and put vitamins in it, left her for a week, and re-examined her walking. My hen limped for a month before her sprain healed. There are some diseases such as gout, MS, and others than can affect the joints. My hen who had suspected EYP, walked funny with stiff legs because of possible E.coli sepsis.

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