Chicken with Broken?Dislocated?Paralyzed? Leg


Aug 31, 2019
I have a hen who is around a year and a half old. This morning, I noticed she was sitting on the ground, and when she got scared, hopped away on one leg. I picked her up, and her one leg is completely floppy below the femur. She has no obvious signs of injury. But the lower part of her leg lacks any kind of "resistance" when I manually flexed/extended it. It feels like there is a loose spot right at or above her hock, and I'm afraid she may have a fracture there. No obvious swelling or warmth coming off the joint. Her lower leg, metatarsus, flops laterally very easily. She didn't seem to be in any pain as I manipulated the inured leg. It's definitely not at her metatarsus, its above that. Feels like either a dislocation in the hock or a break in the lower ball part of the tibia, but I have no idea how to differentiate. Or could it possibly be some kind of paralysis related to Mareks? Advice?


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Welcome to BYC. Being floppy sounds more like an injury with nerve damage. Is there any break in the skin, swelling, epredness or bruising seen? Some birds with leg bone deformities can suffer a ruptured gastrocnemious tendon in the hock joint. Pictures or a video posted to YouTube With a link posted here could be helpful. Here is a good link for splinting and a video on splinting a broken leg:


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