Chicken with matted feathers by tail area - not poo.

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  1. tecumseh

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    Aug 30, 2009
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    Hello everyone!

    Earlier today I noticed that my white rock hen (Sunny - 6 months old and laying) had stuck together feathers a bit down from her tail area. I took a quick peek looking for poop build up or something (never had a problem) but didn't see anything that looked bad except a few feathers that looked wetted down and matted. Since she seemed to be running around fine with the flock when I let them out to free range a bit I decided to look a little closer tomorrow.

    Well when I went to turn off the light in the run tonight all the chickens did their mad dash to get into the coop and the scratch I typically toss out. I noticed Sunny was missing, she was just standing in the dark run right by the ramp into the coop. I kept calling for her and she just stood there like a hawk had just flown over or something. Finally she came into the coop and while all the other birds were scratching and digging in the straw she just got up on the roost and stood there. Finally I got her by the door and grabbed her, with a warm cloth I tried wiping at the stuck together feathers. Since its pretty dark outside the coop I couldn't really see anything, but I did look up at her vent area and it didn't seem blocked.

    Any thoughts on the possible discharge or whatever? I am getting a bit nervous as Sunny is really a lively hen and to see her just immobile is freaking me out. I took a picture, but it was after I tried to wipe the feathers. Sorry about the focus as I was holding a chicken and trying to take a picture of its behind at the same time...

    The look of the feathers is about the same before I wiped just not as much seemed matted down.


    Thanks for any suggestions!
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  2. Plain Old Dee

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    Thought this one could use a bump.

    You did mention that she has been laying. Could she have a broken egg inside?
  3. PandoraTaylor

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    Jun 29, 2009
    Isolate her, watch food & water intake, so you can tell if she is egg bound (or laying). Keep her warm.

    I give electrolytes & ACV in their water, anytime I have to seperate a chicken.

    If she is EggBound: warm bath & massage below vent area, oil around and in vent. Keep warm. place hotpad or heat lamp to side of isolation area, so she can get away from it if she becomes to warm. Also Poly ViSol (non Iron) 4 drops in beak.
  4. tecumseh

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    Aug 30, 2009
    Toledo, OH
    Thanks for the information, I finally have time to post a quick update. I did isolate her, she continued to eat and drink a bit light on the 13th and then laid and acted like nothing happened on the 14th. I was looking for a screwed up egg (huge) or something, but it just looked normal. So I guess I shouldn't freak out at a bit of unusual behavior unless it keeps happening...

    Thanks, again!

  5. purpletree23

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    May 15, 2009
    Look up vent gleet. I think it is fungal and can be cured by spraying her behind with diluted betadine. I would use 75% betadine and 25% water. Again I'M NOT SURE but it could be vent gleet. Decide for your self after doing research.

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