Chicken with Missing Crop?!

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    Mar 17, 2016
    Alright friends, I need some help. I have a frazzle who was fine yesterday morning. I went to run errands came home and went to check on the girls and she was sitting staring straight up staring at the sky. It was weird so I went to pick her up and she kind of flopped for a second. I picked her up and brought her in. She is standing, eyes open and will slowly walk around. But I CANT find her crop. Seriously its flat, I feel breast bone, I checked to see if it was dropped, etc. I seriously cant find her crop. She wont eat or drink, has anybody heard of something like this?
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    How is she doing?
    Can you take her to a vet?
    Is she still staring up at the sky?

    A flat crop would be an indication that she hasn't had anything to eat or drink. She may be dehydrated, so do the best you can to get some water or electrolytes into her. Offer some poultry vitamins if you have them. Once you are satisfied that she is hydrated, then offer her some wet poultry feed.

    If she won't eat/drink, then you may need to syringe or tube fluids into her.

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