Chicken with Parkinson's????!!!

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    I have a turken chick that is about 2 months old. She has been in my brooder box since she hatched. She is in with several different birds of different ages. I looked in the brooder a few minutes ago and noticed she was tremoring all over and can't hardly stand or walk. I brought her inside and her feet keep slipping out from under her on the vinyl floor from the tremors. After being inside for a while, the tremors weren't as bad, but were still there. I took her outside, thinking some sunshine might help, but the heat stressed her and the tremors became much worse. If she is still, they are noticible, but if she tries to walk or gets scared/ unsure, the tremors are terrible. She has no other symptoms. I fed everyone chick starter a little earlier, and her crop was full, poo looks normal, no nasal discharge, sneezing, or other symptoms. Any ideas or treatments I can try?
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