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    Apr 21, 2012
    Hello all chicken lovers. I am new at this but having had a very poorly chicken with a prolapse last week and needed advice myself.
    I have 3 lovely chickens and have had them for 2 1/2 years since POL. 6 days ago Mary my Amber Star developed a horrid prolapse. It was like 2 bright red bleeding golf balls hanging outside my poor chicken. I immediatly brought her inside and tried to calm her down. I put her in a box in a quiet part of the house and just observed her for a couple of hours while searching for advice.
    Initially I sat Mary on my lap in a warm and calmly lit room.Due to the massive swelling I covered the prolapse with caster sugar....yes caster suger ! Then after about half an hour to an hour, gently wash off the sugar with a salt solution. A tepid salty bath is what I did. Then the hard work starts...Pop on some clean rubber gloves as the prolapse has to be very gently pushed back in. Use KY/Lubricant jelly and Preparation H Gel and it takes as long as it takes. I spent from 11pm-4am with her the first night. Be gentle and do not force. Keep her away from other chickens in case they peck at the prolapse.
    This is the routine of a sorts over the next few days and nights. Things will get better each day and if I hadn't just been through this I would never ever had believed it.
    Mary fell in on a Sunday by the Friday she was back in the coop with her sisters.
    Good luck
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