Chicken with runny nose and sneezing.


8 Years
Aug 24, 2011
I have a problem with a 15 week old warren chicken who has a very runny nose and is sneezing a lot. I only bought her two days ago as part of a pair to integrate with my lone remaining ex-bat chicken. Because they are new they are separated at the end of the run and have a small rabbit hutch to sleep in at night which is bedded with straw and sawdust. The chicken who is showing signs of illness is ok in herself and has been eating and drinking, but this morning I noticed a clear discharge coming from her nose and she is sneezing a lot. She sneezed a couple of times yesterday but I didn't think much of it. I am just very worried as I lost two of my 3 ex-bats a month ago (1 to respiratory disease, 1 to peritonitis) and am therefore a bit paranoid. Could anyone offer some advice please. Thanks.
Two products will work well for you. Either buy Tylan, which is a strong antibiotic powder that you put in their drinking water, or buy Denegard. It's a liquid that you put in their drinking water.

Both are kind of pricey, and I believe the Denegard will go farther than the Tylan.

Good luck to you,

Thanks for this, I have some Tylan left over from trying to save one of the chickens that died so will give this a go.

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