chicken with swollen ear?


9 Years
Jun 13, 2010
Hi everyone! I've been though a few hours of google searches and can't seem to find the advice I'm look for.... perhaps the answer is here? I has a chicken pass away last Thursday from what the vet thought was respiratory disease. She had been separate from the other chickens since Tuesday when I discovered her wobbly, off balance, swollen around the face and with very watery poo. The vet gave me a oral antibiotic to administer and 2 days later she passed.

This morning I noticed that my 3 yr old RIR has slightly swollen ear lobes. Possibly the same virus? She doesn't have any other symptoms, appears chipper and is behaving normally. Does anyone have experience with swollen ear drums? Could it be a sinus infection? The same respiratory problem that did in my other chicken? Is there anything I can do to address this at such an early stage?

I currently have her out in the yard sunbathing and put electrolites in her water.


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