Chicken with Twisted Neck

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    Aug 23, 2012
    Hi -

    I have a silkie/golden seabright? mix bantam. She has lovely blue ears.

    Two days ago she started tilking her head, and yesterday it was worse. She usually is the first on the highest roost in the coop, and stayed on the ground last night. This morning, it was worse still, more twisted, and she's having trouble moving around.

    I read about wry neck, silkie's vulnerable skull construction, torticollis, water on the brain, 'stargazer' syndrome, Newcome's diease, etc. I plan to begin treating her with vitamin e and selenium this evening (I had to come to work). After my research, I've decided to hold off on the prednisone.

    I think I'll need to keep her in the house while I'm treating her, even though I do think by nature she'd prefer not. She has a buddy in my little flock, a bantam mille d'uccle - they always hang out and usually roost together at night (although last night the d'uccle ignored my sick girl). Should I bring the d'uccle inside with my silkie mix, for company?

    Any other recommendations/thoughts?

    Thank you,

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