Chicken without a tounge??

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    Dec 27, 2007
    Okay, my RIR has a gurgling noise when she breaths. Following the suggestions of BYCers I've been giving her organic plain yogurt, Avia Charge in the water and 3 drops of Polyvisol daily. Figuring these measures could hurt my other two chickens, they've also been getting the Polyvisol drops. My DH and DD gave the drops yesterday and my DH swears that my LuLu doesn't have a tounge!!!! I didn't notice when I gave her the drops, but could this be possible? How in the world could a chicken not have a tounge?

    This is LuLu
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    * I don't see how that's possible if the hen is eating, drinking and bwawks. However, since he apparently saw something unusual about her-- I'd check for myself!!! She may have yeast clots or something blocking her tongue and need fast aggresive treatment and isolation, etc.. ALSO, if that's the case, the other hens will most likely need treatment, esp. since you post indicates sharing of droppers, etc. and, feed and waterers are generally shared as well.
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    Their tongues don't come out, like ours or a dog's do...but you should still be able to see it in her's small and pointed.

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