Chicken Wobbly,/Head Twitchy/Vent Feathers Missing?!

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    Mar 15, 2014
    Hi, My family own a few chickens in our home in Southern California. We normally let our girls free-range, but we've been doing a lot of construction on our gate and fence. So the girls have been staying in their run for most of the day.

    So this morning when I went to let my two girls out of their pen to peck around in the morning before the workers came, I noticed my year old hen, Buttercup tripped over a bump in the pavement was wobbling around much more clumsily than when she normally stumbles, and it made me worry she may be showing signs of what may have killed one of our flock members earlier this year.

    In March, our Light Sussex, Bubbles, died of an indeterminate disease (we were unable to confirm if it was Marek's or a preexisting genetic ailment) that caused her body to slowly go numb until she passed away a week later. This resulted in her wobbling around very clumsily before she was unable to walk all together. It was a very distressing sight to see my little bird slowly slip away like that, and Buttercup's wobbling reminded me of this, which got me concerned.

    I also noticed this morning Buttercup being a little more...twitchy? with her head movements? she seems to be more sporadic somehow. She seems to tilt her head up in a way I've not noticed her do before. However it is completely within the realm of possibility i am just being paranoid.

    But one thing I know for certain is that Buttercup lost a good amount of feathers on her rump a few weeks ago, leading to a rather humorous bald spot.

    I checked for mites and found nothing, and any other possible causes I found didn't bring any cause for alarm. I figured she either pulled them out herself to cool/clean her vent area in the heat or her sister was eating her feathers for whatever reason.

    Goodnews: Other than the wobbliness this morning, she's acting the same. She's still hunting and pecking, dust bathing, eating and drinking normally, and her poops and laying schedule seems to be normal, and she happily gorged herself on chilled Kiwi as a refreshing snack this afternoon.

    I'm hoping it's just the heat, or that she could have injured her leg sometime between when I tucked them in for the night, and when I let them out in the morning.

    It's still far to early to tell anything for sure, but if it is something, I want to know as early as possible and if there's anything I can do to save my chicken's life.

    I'm more than happy to provide any pictures or details needed!

    -Thank you!

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