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    May 7, 2014
    I bought some Strike III dewormer and there are not many instructions. How often do you put this in there feed? I know it is being taken off the shelves at the end of the year. I ran across some at a store called Atwoods and bought it all.
  2. Chickens should only be wormed if worms are present.....I have never wormed a bird in my life.....Healthy Birds can control their own worm population...Clean Coops = zero parasites........

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    Jul 19, 2016
    Agree with @chickens really ,Why worm your chickens if they dont have it,Waste of money and the worms will become more immune to it.
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    Are you certain it will be off shelves soon? I know that oral antibiotics will be prescription only after the end of this year 2016, but don't think wormers are included. Strike III is for use in the feed for at least 5 days to help control worms. It can be mixed 1 measure to a pound of feed, or mix the bag in 50 pounds of feed. Wormers such as Valbazen or SafeGuard liquid goat wormer can ne used to eliminate worms, and may be better choices and more accurate in dosage. Many vets will do a fecal float on a few fresh droppings to see if your chickens have worms. All chickens get worms if they are on dirt. There are many different opinions about worming chickens. Do some searching for making up your own mind.
  5. cherylj

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    May 7, 2014
    A month or so I was at Tractor Supply and at the bottom of the shelf they had a notice that the Strike III was going to be off the shelf and it was going to be a Vet issued medicine.
    Just going by what was posted
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    Strike III active ingredient is Hygromycin B, which is classed as an antibiotic.
    Some others (like fenbendazole) are classed as antithelmintic's, and should remain available as I understand it.
    I agree that worming should be done only if worms are an issue, and a fecal float test is usually easily obtainable and not expensive.
    But dewormers exist because parasites exist.

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