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  1. Hi, this is no fourm game, we're working on a online game for BYC! it will be made on Unity

    This first Level in single player is where you are a chick hatched in an incubator at a hatchery, you will be taken to a sexing room where you try to be the last one to be sexed (run away from the hand!). once you are put in a bin full of chicks the same gender as you, you will be taken to the shipping room. (the shipping room will look somewhat like the one in murry mcmurry hatchery) in the bin you will find a weak spot on the side of the it, you peck it open and squeeze though. you get to the floor and you must avoid humans walking around (which put you back in the bin if you are caught), rats (which will try to kill you), and mice (which will try to just hurt you). you have to look for spilled seeds on the ground and bugs to eat. you can find a hole in the wall. if you go in it, you will find yourself in a maze. try to get to the end of the maze to find extra spilled seed. the goal of the first level is to find the feed store room.

    for multiplayer, you join or create "flocks" and people may join that server (refer to multiplayer in WolfQuest) and play with you. in multiplayer, you start in the bin, peck your way out, then get to the feed store room, thats where the designated play area would be.

    before you start the game, you use your BYC fourm account username as your name, you choose which breed you would like to be, then you change your color if there are more than one varity avlible. then you change you stregnth, stamina, and speed slightly (each breed will start with a certin amount of the 3 catogories, and you can change them slightly) then you will start the game.

    The first level will have a few breeds
    Standards- Bantams
    Langshan- White and black Silkies- white, buff
    Orpinton- Buff and Black RIR
    Rhode island red
    Leghorn- White
    Minorca- Black and Buff
    Red sex link

    We need a Banner! someone with chicken pic and are good at making banners please PM if you are interested in making a banner
    Also, i need pictures for the banner, i need one bantam (faceing camera) one standard (looking to side) and a chick (looking to side or faceing camera)
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    Buff Orpingtons
    Rhode Island Reds

    There you have it for my recommendations.
  3. 4 more spaces open
  4. ok, i need some out line drawing, you may help and we can compare and vote. i want some drawing on a computer drawing program such as paint or GIMP. draw what you think the inside of the incubator of the hatchery should look like.
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  5. i need pictures for a banner!
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    Hey, please stop posting every 10 minutes... Why don't you just edit your topic post with various stuff you need done?
  7. i have a small portion of the banner done, now i need the chicken pics!
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    Can I help?
  9. Quote:sure! do you have chicken pictures?
  10. Gerbil

    Gerbil Oh, Crazy!

    Jun 24, 2010
    What kind are you looking for! I have baby buff Silkies, golden laced Polish and Seramas, (Adult chickens 2 blue Polish and 1 splash Polish roo, several mutts and a Welsummer) I can get pics of! [​IMG]
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