Chickens all the sudden won't go to bed

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8 Years
Aug 1, 2011
I have two 7 month chickens that are kept in a separate coop than my bigger hens. They have always gone to bed when they were supposed too. The last 2 weeks they just want to sleep in the run. It will be 10 o'clock and they won't go in. I have to physically catch them and lock them in their coop. When it gets dark I turn a heat lamp on. I know there aren't any mice in their coop or any pests. They still go in their coop during the day to lay and eat and drink. Anyone know why they won't go to bed?

Thank you!
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Just wondering did you start to turn the heat lamp on about two weeks ago? Maybe they got spooked by something that went bump in the night, who knows. And sometimes they just decide to roost in a new spot.
I think it was a couple weeks before that. I don't know why think laying on the ground is 'safer' compared to the coop. I use plexy glass to block their door for now, I wonder if something looked tthem and now they are upset..

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