chickens are dying, need help


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Dec 19, 2007
hi, i have had quite a few chickens die so far here are the symptoms-
before death-
kind of floppy not moving around alot, droopy head and wings, laying on side, dont want to eat or run around
after death- i noticed very blueish/purple combs, head & neck

poop seems fine.
eating the same diet they have been.
nothing new added.
these are
1 rhode island red rooster (2 yrs old),
1 mixed breed rooster (1 1/2 yrs old)
1 sex link hen age unknown , got her from a swap about a month ago,
5-6 cornish cross meat chicks about 8 weeks old

they all lived with each other in same pen as all my other chickens and ducks, no one else is sick yet but it seems like every day a few more are dead-

please post if you have any ideas of what this could be!
thank you! Shari
do you mean one of the ones that died or one of the living ones? do i just take it to my vet or?
do you know if the symptoms fit any certain disease? thanks! Shari
the one that died might have given all the other ones the same thing and then they died. and i would take a living one and a dead one

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