chickens are sneezing...


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May 10, 2009
hi all, we've just had quite a bad outbreak of wet pox a couple of weeks ago, all chickens healed fine except for my turkey hen... Anyways, ever since then, all the chickens are apparently afflicted with some type of sinus problems, they are all eating ok, but they are sneezing. I was wondering if chickens are susceptible to colds like we do? Since it's been at least three weeks since the end of the pox problem, can it be coming back? or is it something else? by the way, i found some of them of thick yellow diarrhea....(geez, this year i've had quite a few problems with disease, dunno why... it's california).

any suggestions??
not sure we get wet pox here? but when we have turkeys we have to give them black head treatment (normally in feed) and i can't keep them coz they hate drafts and cold!
i have had mycroplasma case in the last month, sneezing,chesty,foaming eyes but she was old and died really quick.
i have a hen here (i picked up yesterday)with a sinus infection from being in a poorly ventilated house...snotty eye and heavy breathing/sneezing. so i'm going to worm her and get some tylan. can you get that? you could use the soluble version and treat everyone!

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