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Apr 19, 2013
I have 3 ages of chickens, in one coop I have chicks that are 1 week old, broilers on 19% grower, I thought I got 21% starter, just realized today they gave me the wrong bags, but the difference for them doesn't bother me, I think it may be good for them, right?

In my layer coop, I have 21 layers, and a rooster on 17% layer feed, in a hanging feeder. I have 1.5 bags left of this, they prefer pellets over crumbles (when they molted this spring I got them a bag of 19% feed)

In a wire crate I have 12 - 4 almost 5 week old EE's on 21% starter, for now, the bag is half gone. They can get out of the crate (this is on purpose) and I have caught them eating the powder from the laying pellets , they have their own food and water in the crate, and it's their safe place (they still don't like the pellets, I don't think they are big enough)

I'm starting to wonder what to do when I run out of any one kind, the broilers are easy, they are in a separate coop, and I am to lazy to transfer feed back and forth, so I can and will buy them their own feed. My decision is on the layers, I don't want my grown layers to get fat, on a higher protein feed also the grower is more expensive both kinds are $10 for a 20kg bag, while the layer is $11 for a 25 kg bag. I'm assuming the price difference has to do with the fact that the growers and starter have an extra step, in taking pellets down to a crumble. At the rate they are going through the current bag of starter, it will last 2-3 weeks, I've got 1 - 1.5 weeks or so of layer pellets.

I get from a local mill, the options are 21% starter, 19% and 17% grower (all crumbles) and 17% layer pellets.

This should be easy, so I'm probably over thinking it, what do you all think?


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You can feed all of them any of these feeds safely, except the layer. Layer can damage the organs of very young chicks, but it is probably safe for them after 6 or 8 weeks of age. Many chicken keepers just feed a flock raiser to the whole flock when they routinely have chickens of different ages in the flock. You can offer oyster shell separately for layers who need a calcium supplement; baby chicks won't bother it enough to worry about, if at all. I would probably choose the 17% grower as my "flock raiser," with your choices. And I'd use up what is on hand.
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