Chickens Ate Fire Ant Poison


12 Years
Jun 14, 2007
South Carolina
I just let the chickens out and 10 minutes later my DH told me he put fire ant poison out. So we run out to put them back in the coop and discovered that they had already eaten the poison off two of the fire ant hills. So now I will just wait and see what happens I guess. I took their water out because DH said that water activates the poison. They are still acting normal and it's been 20-30 minutes. I hope they will be alive in the morning. Anybody know anything I could do at this point?
I looked up fire ant bait, and can't make any sense of the ingredients. What does it say on the package about pets ingesting the poison? Some poisons only work on certain types of animals.
Oh no!
that your birds are going to be okay. Blasted fire ants!!
In the chicken health handbook there is a section on if a bird eats something it's not supposed to and it involves giving them water mixed with .... dangit can't think of the name, the black liquidy stuff that tastes horrible that is used in making candy like Mary Janes.
I think it is speckled hen that has a recipie for purging. Try to get ahold of her. I think it involves molasses. Maybe run a search on that.
Just checked on the chickens and they are all roosting normally. I may give them some molasses in the morning. Right after this happened I tried calling the customer service number on the bag of poison but their office was closed. The poison was spectracide once and done. Hoping and praying it won't hurt them.
At the spectracide once and done ant bait site they have this info (copied and pasted)

"Emergency Contact Information
For human exposure to one of our products or animal exposure to roach & ant baits, slug and snail killing products or mouse and rat killing products please call: 1-800-633-2873. The medical center is staffed 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

For animal exposure to other products we suggest that you contact your pet’s veterinarian for advice. As an alternative, you may wish to contact the National Animal Poison Center at 1-888-426-4435. Please note that this center charges for consultations."

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