chickens cohabitating


8 Years
Feb 26, 2011
I am building a coop and runs with layers being my primary goal I may wish to get some meat chickens in the future should I build seperate coop and run for these birds or will they be ok together in a large run.I have lots of room to work with,I just want to build everything right the first time.
ok thanks,Iim learning more about feed and am curious if their is a do it all feed.I dont require mass production from my hens and was kinda grossed out by how fast and deformed my cornish x grew on the feed that was recommended,what did people feed their birds 100 years ago I wonder?
It is recommended for the cornishxcross to have the higher protein so you can butcher it in 6 - 8 weeks but you don't have to. We got ours from TSC for $.50 each and they were 3 weeks old then. They had been on the 20% instead of the 24% so were not as large as they would have been. We did not have to butcher until 10 - 12 weeks. The crosses are meant to be only 6 - 8 weeks. Here is the background behind them: . Hope that helps

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