Chickens dying


10 Years
Jul 26, 2009
for the past few days we have lost 3 chickens. The night before last my husband found our polish rooster very sick. Can't hardly keep their eyes open, necks swaying, can't hardly keep their head up. combs laid over. Now this morning our BB rooster is exhibiting the same symptoms. Very sick. So far it has only effected roosters, 2 full grown and the rest were approx. 10-15 weeks old. It may be coincidental, but it has rained here for 3 days. Please help before we lose any more birds.
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After much research, we have decided we think our chickens our dying of bottulism. We ley them range for a couple hours a day and have caught many of them digging in our compost pile. we thought they were after worms but unfortunatly now we know better. Now it is a waiting game to see how many more have it. we have already lost, a polish rooster, A BB red rooster, a black giant, and a barred rock.
There is treatment for botulism. It involves a molasses or epsome salt fush. Kinda like a chicken laxative. The chickens will readily eat the molasses mixture and I like that formula better myself when using it on them. I think it is gentler.

Search botulism here and it give all the instructions.

Good luck
Do you think we should make this mixture up and give it to all our birds or jsut the ones that show signs of sickness. The sick ones have started symptoms and died in a maater of hours.
1-Bring vitamins and anti-biotic from the pharmcy and mix it in the water .
2-Change their water daily or evry two days.
3-Keep the sick hens isolated from the others

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