Chickens eating Oatmeal

Sophie Mae

9 Years
Aug 30, 2010
Marion, Ohio

Nothing like Oatmeal to start the day


Ain't I handsome


Flooded front yard


Girls on the fence
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For many years my DH and his family told me stories about when they had chickens. The story was that my MiL was feeding them warm oatmeal every morning and that the hens got so fat that they stopped laying. So Grandad came over and butchered the hens.

Fast forward to a few months ago, when I finally realized that the hens didn't stop laying because they were fat from all the oatmeal. I finally figured out that the hens stopper laying, because there wasn't enough daylight for them to lay. My poor DH couldn't argue with me about it. Now I have to break it to the MiL that it wasn't her feeding the hens oatmeal that made them stop laying.

I think that MiL was tired of taking care of the chickens, and Grandad was a retired butcher and was happy to have something to do.

You chickens are very cute eating their oatmeal.

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