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    I have willow trees which are sprouting well after my hubby cut some of them down. The chickens and ducks are eating the leaves off them when they free range.Do you think this is ok for them ? I am worried they may be poisonous. All the flock are still ok so hopefully they have found another source of food and entertainment whilst out !
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    Quote:Well, willowbark of some trees has aspirin-like qualities about it if I recall correctly. Not sure about the leaves, though. Maybe it will help keep them from having heart attacks and relieve any aches and pains? [​IMG]

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    I read on a marans site that willow will make egggs darker color. So I would say it is safe but i can't say about color. We are going to put in a willow here since we have wet ground near coop. It will be interesting to see if it does make eggs shell color darker.
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    Thanks for your replies. I will let you know on colour of eggs. ! I think I may plant a couple in their runs as we too have wet ground which the willow loves !
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    Willow contains salicylic acid, known as as aspirin, it is found in the bark of willow. Horses and other animals will chew on the bark for pain relief, the leaves are harmless
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    I hike & have chewed on willow leaves to relieve a bad headache. The leaves are really bitter & nasty tasting! They do help, though!

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