Chickens first few days in their new coop/run -

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Karen 2739

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Aug 7, 2010
San Diego
I just moved my three girls into their coop on Sunday. They don't seem very adventurous and won't go out into the run. Is this typical? I put treats from the door to the outside, but they just want to stand at the doorway. What should I expect?
how old are they?

I opened the door from the coop to the outside when they were about 8 weeks. They had been in the coop for 3 weeks.
They didnt run out, but on a nice day they ventured outside and figured out that it was a good thing.

They will be timid to go out if they do not feel safe. Dogs/cats nearby?
I let my 8-weekers out of the juvenile shed they have been in for three weeks and if I stand 8 feet away, they'll come out and sort of move along with me. If I go in the shed, so do they. Lots of standing in the doorway... Yesterday I tossed my pretty ambivalent RIR lead hen and a 15 week old pullet in with the juveniles (in the1/4 acre yard), and they came out and foraged around a bit more with the hen watching out for them.
It's like when little kids play soccer!


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