Chickens Free Range: Going Where I Don't Want Them to Go ...


Mar 16, 2020
Spooner, WI
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Chickens are now free-ranging but. I'm getting a bit frustrated as they are always going to a very tall grass area that is behind their run when I want them to go to the area that is in front of their run and more towards the house and area where we usually are. Was thinking of putting up a temporary chicken wire fence so they couldn't get there but it probably won't work as they could just go around the wire as our driveway is on one side. I've tried sprinkling scratch grains, meal worms, etc and they are there for a bit but then one decides to head to the tall grass and they all go. I do sit with them while they are out so I can keep an eye on them but it sure would be nice to sit on the porch instead of the tick-infested grass. Any ideas on how to solve, or should I just chill out?


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Apr 9, 2013
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If there are bugs in there they will want to be there, that's just chickens. Plus the tall grass provides some cover. Cut the grass so you can see them or just let them be and sit on the porch. The likelihood that you'll prevent a determined predator from snatching one is small no matter where you are in the yard.


Apr 18, 2020
It takes planning, but I create mixed vegetation communities in areas I want the chickens to spend the most time in. The like border areas.

I'd love to hear what you're planting for that, and if you can even include a photo or two would be fantastic. I need to come up with a few ideas for our limited area where the chickens are allowed to be.

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