chickens going off there crumble?

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    Dec 19, 2016
    I have noticed that after I have started letting my chickens free range they have been not as interested in their food. I think it is because they are now eating other treats and plants so they are getting more full. But could it be that they don't like the taste of there food anymore because it is to dull? I am currently feeding them pullet grower ,when should I switch to a different mix and what kind/
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    Free range can greatly reduce feed costs depending how value added the range is. Large runs in spring are soon depleted and why I like to use electric netting for the summer months to move the run, and coop on skids around to fresh forage grounds.

    You can continue grower feed until first egg then move them to layer feed or just supplement crushed oyster shell free choice. My flock moves to a pellet feed once the youngest birds of each year are large enough to take that form of feed. 10-12 weeks is about right and we notice less feed use on that form opposed to crumble. To get pellet without the added calcium we use turkey finisher. Keeping it simple my entire flock is on non medicated crumble as soon as chicks are hatching in spring then all are on turkey finisher when youngest batch of chicks are 10 or so weeks old and the layers are tossed oyster shell once a week all year.
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    Dec 19, 2016
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    I feed Grower crumbles till 18 weeks....When the first egg is laid if all birds are the same age, I mix Layer 50/50 to the grower till my Birds are 1 year old......I then mix, if I have a Rooster also, 50/50 Layer and Finisher till first hard molt......Then I put back on Grower crumble till the feathers come in....At first egg I mix 50 layer and finisher again.....I always have free choice bowls of Granite Grit and Oyster shell out at all times......

    When they free range I put out a small bowl of feed and have water out also......Always a Bird running for a snack and a drink.....I also use my feed like a snack and sprinkle it in their favourite areas....They eat it all.......More fun scratching for it.....I also keep the Coop door open and an endless trail of Birds run back and forth back to the Coop to eat and drink.......

    Try that and see if that gets them back to eating the crumbles?

    Good luck.

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    When mine began free ranging they did think that their pellets were dull and ate almost zero feed. I tried different feeds, crumbles, moistened, etc. I guess they were getting enough to eat out in the pasture, because egg laying continued as usual. After about a year, due a predator attack, I had to confine them permanently. It has been hard for them to go back to chicken feed. Since I have young pullets as well, everyone has been getting Purina Flock raiser. The pullets have never been free range and are happy with the feed, but the hens have had to adjust and still are hoping for better offerings.

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