chickens hiding eggs at the bottom of their nest box?


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Oct 18, 2015
it wouldn't be a problem but because the older birds sleep in the nest box the poo :\ i clean it out once a week so it isn't dirty but one of the girls has started digging around the box and the eggs keep ending up at the bottom so i have to get a glove and dig around for the eggs. they have a massive run so they arnt shut up in the coop all day.

does anyone know a way i can get them to stop or if there could be a reason for them doing it?
I would get your older birds to stop sleeping in your nestboxes. Sounds like you don't have enough roost space or they aren't comfortable.

Some hens bury the eggs when they leave the box. You could use less bedding or switch to a different type but you can't stop them from digging down in the boxes, it's a natural instinct.
I have a nest same level as roost. My Wyandotte have been laying for last week but they keep laying in the run, not the nest and it looks like they are purposely burying them.

I put fake eggs in the nest and they push the eggs out of the coop into the run.

I have Rhode Island’s in a similar coop/run set up and don’t have this problem.
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