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Jul 10, 2010
Please, at what age will my cockerel chicks of 7 weeks have immunity to coccidiosis & are there any vaccine to eradicate the disease from day old? Thanks...
There are several vaccines available. I don't know much about them other than they are out there. Natural immunity comes with time, but there is no way to predict when they will acquire it. My first cocci outbreak was when my hens were around 2 years old. My hens free-range, so they should have been exposed to it multiple times, but they didn't acquire enough immunity to not get ill. Sulmet cleaned it up very quickly.
yep what they said. if you see bloody stool I would use Amprol, and as a preventative I use buttermilk, or powdered milk in feed, ACV in water and DE but the powdered milk and buttermilk really helps by coating the intestines so that the sores are less and that gives them the opportunity to develop a resistence.
@CMV thanks, im so scared of this coccidiosis thing.
@ahappy chick, thanks & please how many gram of powdered milk to gram of feed?
Honestly, cocci are the least of your concerns when it comes to chickens. Easy to spot, easy to diagnose, easy to treat and birds are back on their feet in no time. There are lots more scary diseases/conditions out there.
oh I just use about 1/8 of powdered milk to feed when I do it (if I see any bloody stool or suspect cocci) , more often I give them all some raw buttermilk as a supliment feed at least once a month usually twice. Its good/bad for worms too.
@CMV, thanks i pray never to have scary diseases in my farm.
@happychickens, thanks i just gave them powdered milk, though 1 of them is very weak, not sure its goin to make it till tomorrow. Im jst praying

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